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Sydney PTE Academy is specialized in PTE training and coaching. By working exclusively with the PTE Academic test, we are able to deliver great service and quality. Learn from the best, top 1 PTE coaching centre in Sydney !

Sydney PTE Academy offers the best quality PTE training in the Sydney area, and best studying experience to students. Our courses aim to help students with PTE exam skills training and practice. With our well-structured and comprehensive courses, based on the best modern communicative coaching methods, our students are guaranteed the best chance to gain the results necessary to pass PR, Visa and University language requirements.

ADVANCED PTE Online Course

  • Target PTE Score: 50+, 65+, 79+ 
  • Course Fee 40% off – Call us Now!
  • Duration: 2 Weeks Online Express Course
  • Next Intake:  Every fortnight
  • Modern communicative teaching method
  • Smartly structured course
  • Comprehensive strategies coaching
  • Great practical tips in the real exam
  • PTE Online Study System: PTE test Plus & PTE Test Builder book
  • PTE Practice software

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This PTE training course is designed for students who want to obtain scores of 50+ 65+ or 79+ in order to get more points for immigration and/or university requirements.

This course is ideal for those students who haven’t taken the PTE test or students who have already taken the PTE exam but still need to achieve a better score. Our experts have been very successful in helping students achieve their desired marks, either 65+ or even as high as 79 and 90 in a short time.

Our Advanced course is a smartly designed training course with sufficient in-class practice and teaching feedback .If you’d like to maximise your chances to pass the exam, join this complete section package course, from which you can learn professional and effective strategies, and receive enough computer practice time, as well as some great practical tips to help your test go smoothly on the day.

If you are aiming for a PTE score of 50 or below, please check our PTE 1-on-1 Online Tutoring


EEmbracing a modern communicative teaching approach, our online platform is designed to cater to your learning needs effectively. Our meticulously structured course employs smart methodologies to ensure an enriched learning experience. We prioritize comprehensive strategies coaching, offering you not just a study plan but a roadmap to success in the PTE Academic exam. Dive into a world of practical tips and real exam insights that are integrated seamlessly into our curriculum, providing you with invaluable guidance for the actual test day.


Within our PTE Online Study System, you’ll discover the PTE Test Plus and PTE Test Builder book, meticulously curated to bolster your preparation. These resources are thoughtfully crafted to supplement your learning journey, providing targeted assistance in areas crucial for PTE success. Additionally, our specialized PTE Practice software serves as an invaluable tool, offering hands-on practice and simulation of the exam environment, ensuring you’re thoroughly equipped to tackle the challenges of the PTE Academic assessment.


1 | Flexible Course Access, Anywhere, Anytime


Gain seamless access to our comprehensive PTE course from the comfort of your chosen location. Our cutting-edge online platform transcends geographical boundaries, enabling you to engage in targeted, focused classes that align with your schedule. This accessibility ensures you’re not constrained by physical location, providing you the flexibility to partake in sessions at your convenience. Embrace the freedom to prepare for the exam in an environment that suits your learning preferences, maximizing your readiness for the PTE Academic assessment.


2 | Interactive Learning with Expert PTE Instructors


Immerse yourself in dynamic, real-time interactions with our highly experienced PTE instructors through Zoom. This platform allows for immediate engagement, where you’ll directly benefit from their depth of knowledge tailored explicitly to the nuances of the PTE Academic exam. Experience personalized guidance that nurtures your proficiency and bolsters your confidence in comprehending and mastering the intricacies of our course material. This interactive approach fosters a conducive learning environment, ensuring you’re equipped with the necessary tools to excel in the PTE Academic examination.


3 | Maximise PTE Academic Success Through Dedicated Instruction


Embark on a structured PTE Academic journey within our Zoom-based course. Our tailored sessions revolve around refining your exam strategies while providing comprehensive course materials. These meticulously crafted sessions are geared toward empowering you with the skills and knowledge required to surpass expectations in the PTE Academic assessment. Embrace a curriculum designed to equip you holistically, ensuring you’re thoroughly prepared to tackle the exam’s challenges and emerge with confidence in your PTE proficiency.

4 | Optimal Learning Environment with Small Class Sizes


Experience an ideal learning atmosphere facilitated by our commitment to smaller group sizes. We prioritize an intimate class setting to foster enhanced student engagement and personalised attention. By keeping our groups small, we ensure a conducive environment for interactive learning, allowing for more individualized guidance and focused attention from our expert instructors. This approach maximises your learning potential, ensuring that each student receives the necessary support and attention vital for excelling in the PTE Academic assessment.


5 | The most experienced and qualified teachers !– receive/access the most effective and efficient advice!

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PTE Head Teacher – Michael: Possessing a bachelor’s degree with High Distinction from a prestigious Australian institution, Michael stands as a professional in coaching over 200 students across English, PTE, and other university subjects. His extensive academic background combined with his wealth of experience equips him to guide students effectively toward their learning objectives. Known for his patience, well-structured lectures, and, most notably, clear and easily comprehensible explanations, Michael garners strong appreciation from our students. His adept guidance has resulted in remarkable successes, with students achieving significant improvements in their PTE scores, surpassing the 79 out of 90 benchmark in a remarkably short duration. Witness the achievements of these high-scoring students on our Facebook page. See students who achieved over 79 from our Facebook page.

6 | Special VIP package this month !

All students who enroll in our 4-section course will receive a free VIP package sample valued at over $160. The package includes:

  • Get access to our security weapon – PTE real question bank key value at $160
  • Free PTE text official books for studying in our centre.
  • Free soft copy exclusive studying materials .
  • Free PTE online exercises practice- get access to our computer software for PTE test practice and PTE mock tests.
  • Online what’s app support – get answers and feedback from our experts.
  • One-to-one tutorial – 20% discount on the first hour one-to-one session with our expert if you purchase our course.
  • PTE mentoring program 70% off;

7 | Affordable course fee and sufficient tricks coaching !

Explore our affordable PTE courses designed to equip you with effective strategies for success. Our comprehensive section package course prioritizes mastery, ensuring ample computer practice and practical tips for a confident test-day experience. Enroll now to elevate your PTE skills through structured modules aimed at boosting proficiency. Beyond affordability, our course offers an array of tricks, from professional strategies to dedicated computer practice, providing a holistic approach for your desired PTE score. Embrace this opportunity to excel in the PTE Academic assessme.


PTE Academic is a computer-based test which can be a valid substitute for IELTS for both academic and immigration purposes (PTE 65 = IELTS 7). PTE’s error-free computer marking means consistent scores and no potential for examiner bias or mistakes. In addition, results are delivered in one to five business days and test sessions are available multiple times a day, 363 days a year.